Laptop Service / Cleanup

Over time your Laptop can get clogged down with unnecessary software, adware and often virus. This can have a significant effect on the performance of your Laptop. There are other factors such as hardware and operating system configuration and this is where our skilled engineers at AbbeyTech can help.


Regular deleting of your temporary internet files and deleting old digital photographs, music and other files from your computer can help keep your PC running smoothly but if it has significantly slowed down this is where one of our comprehensive cleanups can improve perfomance.

We will give your Laptop a comprehensive service and a thorough cleanup. We initially check all the major components in your Laptop to make sure they are not failing. We then get to work using our years of experience and know how to give your Laptop a customised service.


How much does it cost?

Our price is currently only 45 for a full service and cleanup and this is extremley competitive when you consider the high level of care and attention your laptop will recive.




We are often asked questions about our Laptop Service product so we thought it would be useful to include some examples below.


Q: What about my Personal Data?

A: We appreciate you may be concerned about your precious personal data being affected by a Laptop Cleanup. You can rest assured that we take the utmost care to ensure your personal files are not compromised in any way. We have a tried and tested process for cleaning up slow running laptops and your personal data is not touched at all during the process. The only time we will need to consider your personal data is when your hard drive is full or near it's capacity. Only then will we offer advice on backup and archive solutions.


Q: Do I need to book in for a service?

A: No. You can simply pop into our shop and we will book your laptop in straight away.


Q: How long will it take?

A: Most of our Laptop Services take 24 Hours. During busy times this may increase to 48 hours, however will always advise you when your book your laptop in. Depending on our workload and the amount of work your laptop needs to bring it back up to speed, we can sometimes complete a Laptop Service the same day.


Q: Will I lose any installed programs?

A: We will not remove any genuine programs from your laptop. We are skilled in knowing which programs should and shouldn't be on your laptop. If we find any genuine programs that may be causing a conflict or a problem on your laptop, such as duplicate anti-virus programs we are usually able to tell what can be removed. If however there is any doubt we will always contact your first.




Overheating Laptop

Laptops can create a lot of heat in a small space and this heat is directed away from sensitive internal parts by a heat sync and fan. It's very important that these components are clean and dust free.


Quite often, over time laptop fans can become blocked with dust and sometimes pet hair as the example picture on the left illustrates. This creates a dangerously hot environment inside the laptop and can lead to components overheating and failing resulting in costly repairs.


As part of our Laptop Service we check the temperatures of the major internal components in your laptop and we will recommend the necessary action. Often this requires cleaning of the internal fan and new thermal paste applied to the heat sync. This may result in a slight additional charge.


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