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Refurbished Laptop

Refurbished Laptops and PC’s can offer a significant saving over the new equivalent with prices on average 50% cheaper then new. Whilst there are circumstances when buying a new computer is more practical, refurbished computers have some significant advantages. Apart from the obvious price there are some other key reasons for buying refurbished, such as the environmental impact.

These otherwise redundant computers would end up being scrapped or in landfill. By buying refurbished you are keeping these items in use for longer.

Refurbished doesn’t mean slow and old. Some of our refurbished laptops and PC’s are less than 2 years old. They often come from businesses at the end of lease agreements and have been regularly serviced. Each PC or Laptop has its previous data securely wiped. It’s then thoroughly checked for any hardware issues. In the case of any failures the component is replaced with a working item. Each machine gets a completely fresh install of Windows as well as a suite of essential applications.

All our refurbished Laptops and PCs come with a minimum 6 Months Hardware Warranty for your peace of mind.

As a Microsoft Partner and Norton Approved Seller we only use genuine licensed software and can provide genuine offers on Security Software with full after sales support.

Why buy a refurbished computer from us?

When buying a refurbished computer from us we provide a personal approach with a complete service.

Eco Friendly

Used computers would often end up scrapped or in landfill. By buying a professionally refurbished computer you are extending the life of this otherwise disposable item.

Data Transfer

If you have an old laptop or if you are switching from an old Desktop PC, we can transfer all of your personal data over to your refurbished laptop. We can set it up so it’s ready to go.

Install Programs

We can install your favourite apps on your refurbished computer as well as installing any purchased software you had on your old laptop or PC. (subject to licensing).

Latest Software

Our refurbished laptops and PC’s run Windows 11, the latest operating system from Microsoft. This ensures your computer is running the most secure version of Windows.

We stock a range of refurbished Laptops and PC’s from all the leading laptop manufacturers

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